AZAnastasia Zorin as Sarah Phelps

Born in Munich, Germany to Russian immigrants, Anastasia Zorin’s love for theater began at an early age. She knew very early on that acting was her choice for a career as her father is a Russian actor who emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1980. Three weeks before Anastasia turned sixteen, she and her parents moved to America. For two years she lived in Kansas City where she performed at the Coterie Children’s Theater. As soon as she graduated high school she moved to New York where she attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, School for Film and TV. After graduation Anastasia started working on various Film and TV projects, doing VO work in German, Russian, and English, as well as working with a German Children’s theater company. Now residing in Los Angeles she couldn’t be more grateful continuing to pursue her acting career.

vmVinicius Machado as Gio Phelps

Vinicius Machado, named one of the fastest rising Latino talent on television today, was a soccer player and a capoeira dancer until his sophomore year in high school, when he joined his elective drama class; he is now an internationally known actor (Power, True Detective) and producer (What's Bullying?, Missing, Wiles: The Origin of Greater Magic).

look_5_pic_1lgrTonya T. Cannon as Carmen Martens

Carmen was one of Gio's best friends as a child. She is the wife of Isaac, Gio's other childhood friend. She agrees to stay with Gio and his family during their time of need despite her misgivings about returning to a house that she feels has evil all around.

Tonya is an award winning stage actress and up and comer in the film and television industry since her move to southern California in April of 2014. She has written and produced two feature films as well as a number of short films, all of varying genres. She looks forward to continuing to make her mark in the entertainment industry through writing, producing, and performing.

llLarry Lowe as Isaac Martens

Isaac, a childhood friend of Gio's, is Carmen's husband and is also a priest. In his ministry, Isaac and Carmen travel throughout the Carribean to spread the word of God, particularly during times of turmoil.

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