look_5_pic_1lgrTonya T. Cannon as Margo

Tonya is an award winning stage actress and up and comer in the film and television industry since her move to southern California in April of 2014. She has written and produced two feature films as well as a number of short films, all of varying genres. She looks forward to continuing to make her mark in the entertainment industry through writing, producing, and performing.

twalkerTrent Walker as “Fake Elliott”

 Trent's acting is diverse, from a Rebel prisoner fighting for his "rats" in "Gettysburg," to a guard greeting Wesley Snipes with "Mellow Greetings, What seems to be your boggle?" in "Demolition Man," along with playing the death row inmate Bobby Lee Hazen in HBO's "The Expert." He recently shot the part of a boisterous Southern Minister in the feature film "Autumn," a SWAT guy in "Badge of Blame" and a foul-mouthed robber in Blackpill's "Super High."

Along with being a dramatic actor Trent is also a seasoned comedian and performs sketch comedy and improv with several troupes in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He is also an accomplished songwriter /composer and a recording artist for Comanche Records.

Kelly Anne Alexander as “Kelly”

.Kelly Anne has always had a vibrant personality that comes through in any medium. Sorry, Wrong Text is Kelly Anne’s first foray onto the big screen in a supporting role. Initially, Kelly Anne became involved in the entertainment industry through her career as a licensed hair stylist. In 2011, she developed a signature hair care line, KA Cleansing Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner and, in 2016, followed up this success with her TomBoy Wicked line of bath and body gel. Her success with her product lines has led to expanding her client list with the likes of “Sugar” Shane Mosely, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and Leslie LaPage. She now seeks to expand her brand further with the creation of a holistic line of hair and skin products in addition to gaining more on-camera exposure in order to be the face and the name of her growing business empire.

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