Sorry Wrong TextSorry, Wrong Text (2017)

Sorry, Wrong Text is a suspense/thriller short film starring Tonya T. Cannon and Trent Walker and introducing Kelly Anne Alexander..


Margo, a Marketing Account Executive, has been single since her divorce a year ago. Her friend and co-worker, Kelly, encourages Margo to get back out into the dating world and embrace the age of online dating. Margo relents and decides to give the dating app she has joined a real chance and actually connects with Elliott. They IM for a while and Elliot gives her his number. The only problem is, Margo transposes one of the numbers and reaches out to that number instead. The person on the receiving end of her text (the fake Elliott) doesn't let her know she has contacted him in error. Instead, he pretends to be her guy and ultimately invites her out. She accepts the invitation but, once she arrives at the designated location, she begins an experience she'll never forget.

Sorry, Wrong Text