StageCraft is excited to present our current slate of projects of varying genres and platforms. We pride ourselves on the ability to rail against the “Hollywood Norm” and offer interesting and compelling stories with no regard to race, age, gender, size, or orientation. Enjoy!

small reaperReaper: The First Harvest (2017)

Length: Feature
Genre: Horror
After a disillusioned priest commits the ultimate sin in taking his own life, his soul is determined to harvest the souls of those he perceives to be sinners…no matter how small the sin.

Vaca House2Vacation House (2017)

Length: Feature/Teleplay
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
A successful professional couple takes a much needed vacation and rents a house by the beach only to discover they aren’t as alone in the house as they might think.

placeholderTrial Separation (2017)

Length: 1/2 hour episodic
Genre: Comedy
During their 1 year “provisional” suspension from the bar, two affluent attorneys (who hate each other) are only allowed to practice law in a legal clinic in a rough neighborhood.

placeholderIn the Aftermath (2017/2018)

Length: Weberies
Genre: Dramatic
Tells the stories of families from different walks of life who struggle to find normalcy in the aftermath of family trauma. (military family upon deployment, gang life, sent to prison, killed by law enforcement, suicide)

placeholderHis Deadly Arrangement (2017/2018)

Length: Teleplay
Genre: Suspense
A male escort, unbeknownst to his wife and autistic son, is stalked by one of his rich female clients who is very much use to getting what she wants…at any cost.

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