RMerrimanCharacter:  Det. Vincent Baker played by Ryan Merriman

Baker has been in law enforcement for the last 13 years, and is haunted by the deaths of his wife and son 3 months earlier.  He becomes obsessed with the triple homicide he was investigating prior to the death of his own family and can be unfiltered, often to his detriment.

Ryan was a child actor best known for his work on the Disney Channel. He has grown into an accomplished film and television actor with performances in The Ring 2, Final Destination 3, and Pretty Little Liars. He currently resides in Oklahoma with his wife, Kristen.

CZ6A6073 200x300Character:  Nicole Davis played by Tonya T. Cannon

Nicole is the head of Physical Therapy at the hospital. A week before her wedding, she walks in on the murder of her fiance and his parents and is then attacked herself. She awakens from a 3 month coma with no memory of the attack and must work with Detectives Baker and Parks in order to find the killer before it's too late.

Tonya is an award winning stage actress and up and comer in the film and television industry since her move to southern California in April of 2014. She has written and produced two feature films as well as a number of short films, all of varying genres. She looks forward to continuing to make her mark in the entertainment industry through writing, producing, and performing.

LLoweCharacter:  Det. Darryl Parks played by Larry Lowe

Parks has been in law enforcement for 14 years, and has been a detective for the last 7 years. Parks is a “by the book” kind of detective which is why his partnership with Baker has worked so well over the last 6 years. He genuinely cares about his partner and can see that Baker is not doing well with coping with the loss of his family in addition to having the pressure of trying to solve Nicole’s case.

CBernsenCharacter:  Dr. Eli Sutton played by Corbin Bernsen

Dr. Sutton is a good looking man with an edge. He is the head of orthopedic surgery and has been at the hospital for a year. He has a presence about him that commands respect while at the same time, can also come across as domineering and a bit creepy. He is known as a womanizer throughout the hospital and shamelessly flirts with all females but has a particular interest in Nicole Davis, the head physical therapist.

SEstebanCharacter:  Leah Adams played by Samantha Esteban

Leah Adams is Nicole’s best friend and fellow physical therapist. She is a ride or die kind of woman who is tough when she needs to be, yet cares for Nicole during her coma like a mother hen.

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